Artificial Turf

Installing Artificial Turf in Ft. Lauderdale


Considering Installing Artificial Turf in your Ft. Lauderdale Home? Artificial turf installation can be cost effective and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Usually used in golf greens and football fields, artificial turf has many advantages because they can be redone at a cheaper rate.

There are 3 good reasons to choose artificial turf:

1) Landscaping projects: landscaping projects involve beautiful plants and trees but authentic grass tends to grow slowly, especially with water droughts and restrictions. Artificial grass is a great solution to this problem. Watering grass won't be so costly and homeowners can see their water bills cut drastically.

2) Pets and ground rodents can destroy grass: When it comes to your beloved Fido, we forget that they are used to the outdoors. But of course when it is destroyed, it can become a real nightmare. If money doesn't grow in trees, it certainly doesn't grow on grass. Artificial grass is another great reason why it can prove to be cost effective.

3) Children can destroy grass and come into the house with mud on their faces: Gotta love kids. When you have a playset in the yard, it's inevitable that they will be outdoors where there is mud and dirt. You can either go through bottles of Oxyclean or Shout, but with artificial grass, you may never have to gather up coupons for these items.


If you're looking to install artificial turf, call H2eco Land and Waterworks at 954-944-1369!

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