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Total Landscape and Pool Makeover

The goal of most homeowners today is a beautiful, usable, and comfortable place to call a home.

On average, we spend a large portion of our time in our homes and it is vital to invest in enhancing their usability and efficiency to handle your particular needs.

Even after building an impeccable home that meets your every desire, it is natural for the ravages of time to occur. This means that remodeling and renovations have to be done to maintain appearance, and to return some of the love your home gives you and your family.

The outdoor environment is one of the most important components of any home. It for a fact, plays a major role in determining how elegant and outstanding your home is. An outdoor environment should be a natural extension of your homes interior spaces.

To enjoy the glow of a good outdoor setting, there are several factors that have to be completed correctly. An ideal outdoor space has a high accessibility, safe paving, good maintenance, dazzling round-trip walk ways, clear indoor-outdoor connections and choices of comfortable sitting areas with appealing views. Throw in an outdoor room or “pergola” and possibly a fire pit and you’ll be turning heads left and right. All of these solutions are available with H2eco Inc. If you’ve been looking for a company to help you transform your home into something special, then look no further!

H2eco Inc. is a Certified General Contractor that was established with an aim of transforming homes to super comfortable, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our company specializes in remodeling and renovation of the exteriors of residential homes. We have been in the industry since 2007 and up to date we celebrate a good history of remodeling several homes that beat the tests of time in terms of beauty, design and safety.

Our company harbors a host of hugely talented and professional personnel who strive to ensure that all our projects are one of a kind. In every construction project we set out on, we endeavor to give a unique touch to your home that lives with it several years in to the future. We guarantee exemplary quality, graceful designs and speed in all our projects and our greatest priority is to always ensure our client’s highest expectations are met.

There are several aspects of the exterior environment of a home depending on the type and style. H2eco Inc. offers an extensive range of outstanding services and no matter your preferences and style, we will always have an ultimate solution for you. Whether looking for services in landscape construction, outdoor remodeling, paver installations and retaining walls, outdoor lighting, and more, H2eco Inc. will always sort you out.

We hope you enjoy the collection of portfolio photos and pages explaining our landscape construction and landscape design services.

Our service areas includes all parts of Broward County. We also work in Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties for larger projects.

Please contact us today at (954) 944-1369 or email and we can meet with you at your convenenience!

Residential Outdoor Remodeling and Design in South Florida

Residential Outdoor Remodeling and Design in South Florida

As a homeowner anxious to give a facelift to your outdoor spaces you have to think more about pool remodeling, good paver installation and beautiful landscaping features. When you want to improve the look and utility of your home, making your outdoor area look clean, crisp and attractive is necessary. For this, you can think of pool remodeling if your swimming pool looks outdated or is in bad shape. Landscaping is another way of sprucing up outdoor open areas and by doing the right type of paver installation it is possible to bring in remarkable changes to the look and feel of your home.

The swimming pool commands a considerable portion of the look and feel of your backyard and it is necessary to make it look the right way so that it is possible to improve the looks of your entire house. Remodeling an existing swimming pool can be done in many ways. You can really enhance your swimming pool by doing some of the following namely:

  • Complete remodeling and redesigning of your swimming pool and spa areas.
  • Toning up or redoing the paver deck and replacing pool coping.
  • Installing new waterline tiles, redoing the steps and installing modern looking benches around the pool.
  • Installation of new skimmer and fitting new auto waterfill mechanisms.
  • Replacing outdated equipment with new and modern ones to improve the looks and functionality.
  • Improving the lighting in and around the swimming pool with color changing LED pool lights and matching accessories.
  • Installation of swimming pool and new spa controls for enhancing the look and functionality.
  • Doing the right type of landscaping around the pool area and placing landscape lighting for highlighting the new landscaping and the homes features and façade.
  • Doing a complete reconstruction of the swimming pool and deck areas when desired substantial improvements are not possible with the existing swimming pool set up.

Pool remodeling and redesigning is a job for professionals and it must be done by a general contractor who has rich experience in doing these types of work. With over ten years standing in the industry, H2eco Inc. ( is one of the best people for pool remodeling and connected structural designing, plumbing, installation of utilities and equipments, decking and coping works, tiling and step works, and interior pool finishing works.

Apart from this your pavement also plays an important role in the outdoor look of your home. It is necessary to improve the entertaining areas and by enhancing the look of the outdoor area you can easily create a relaxing oasis for your friends and family to spend time outdoors. In this, your patio pavers play an important role. If you have cracked, dull and outdated worn-out concrete then it is necessary to consider a new paver installation. New patio pavers with flexible interlocking system provide a strong and durable paving to your outdoor area. Travertine, marble, coral or flagstone based paver installation will add more looks and value to your home.

In the present day, modern patio pavers provide a strong structure and with the use of paving materials that comply with a strength rating of 8000 lb per sq. foot. This type of paving materials are better than concrete based pavement. These types of pavers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures and with their modular construction they can be paved in a variety of designs and looks for enhancing the aesthetics of the outdoor area. Thus, this type of paver installation is the most prudent to do for an excellent and durable solution for improving the looks of your outdoor area.

Yet another way of bringing in a marked improvement to the looks of your outdoor area is by doing the right types of landscaping. The design of landscaping must be done with durability, texture and ease of maintenance as the main considerations. Use of the right design concepts must be implemented for making the outdoor area not only look good but also have more functionality adding more value to the home.

Some of the landscape related services include: Paver driveways and pool decks, stepping stone pathways, artificial turf, retaining walls, stone structures, installation of raised planters, creating the right type of wooden works, landscape installation, irrigation, and gravel or pebble is necessary for increasing your homes appeal. This will also give an enhanced look and great utility to your outdoor area through careful planning and design. More aesthetics can also be brought out by using the native, drought resistant plant varieties that add more to your home surroundings.

Finally, for enhancing and beautifying your outdoor areas it is important that you do the right type of pool remodeling, paver installations with landscaping for better looking pools, pavements and garden area around your home.

The best people to do all of this at affordable prices in Broward County, Florida is H2eco Inc. Land and Waterworks. Call us today for a consultation!

H2eco Land and Water Works Lighting

Lighting is usually not associated with hardscapes or xeriscapes but having lighting incorporated in your hardscapes such as a fountain installed in your backyard or a string of lights along your pergola. If you live out west like Southwest Ranches which is more rural, consider having professional landscape contractors H2Eco Land and Water Works to create an illuminated backyard to contrast the darkness. Or maybe you live out in Weston where it is brighter, but maybe your kids want to go camping and it is a bit far (and costly) to go camping. Consider clipping a sheet on your pergola to make it into a makeshift tent and have a firepit as your camp fire. That way in the safety of your own home, you can have a camping trip not so far away in the woods. Or maybe you want to have that zen like garden that is about half an hour away Parkland. The Morikami Museum is beautiful by day, but even more gorgeous by night. If you have a few bamboo plants outside and have Bromeliads and Emerald Goddesses that give you that Asian scenary, then consider having lighting installed to prevent unwanted pests and robbers from coming close. Call H2eco Land and Water Works for more information about landscape lighting at 954-944-1369.

South Florida's Hardscape and Landscape Designs

Here at H2Eco Land and Water Works, we design everything in-house. That means that we come to you and collaborates on your vision and provide a rendering with our Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design). This is not your typical 5 year old's sketching of a Bob Ross design (fluffy white clouds, pine trees, blue river) but rather our designers work tirelessly to make sure that you're satisfied with your vision in mind. So instead of being given a sketched out design, you'll see a rendering with dimensions and computerized drawings, much like a blue print of your home. With our Auto CAD process, you can certainly see a difference when your landscape or hardscape blueprint becomes reality. Consider H2Eco Land and Water Works today for your hardscape and landscape contractors as we work with our clients to ensure that they are satisified with the end result. Call us today at 954-944-1369 for more information.

Having Professional Landscape can save you time and money!

Some people like DIY projects, whether it is painting a portrait or making your own jewelry. However when it comes to landscaping, it is more than just mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. Not everyone is born to have a green thumb or operate machinery. H2Eco Land and Water Works have talented designers and contractors with over 20 years combined experience to perform services unparalleled to those in the area. When attempting a professional lookng backyard, it is harder to really DIY isn't it? First, when considering what you want for your backyard, think of the focal point. Having several different potted plants and trees can create more of an eye sore than anticipated. Sometimes you just have to admit, leaving it up to the profesionals can actually save you more time and money, while you can focus on what matters and what you do best. But once all that is done, you can add elements like ceramic figurines that describe your personal style. Contact H2Eco Land and Water Works today to see how you can save time and money at 954-944-1369!

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