Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling and Renovation

Renovation of a pool in Hallandale by H2eco Inc
Pool Renovation

Your swimming pool is important; it's here that you rush to when the heat is unbearable or simply when you need to refresh. This fact makes it necessary to ensure that it is always up to date and well-implemented. Have you been considering renovating your existing pool? What about nice update with travertine or marble and glass tile? Maybe you want to add a spa or sun shelf, lighting or water features? Imagine turning your existing pool or spa into something really special. With tile, coping, and finishes that suit your own taste. If you have a dream, we can help make it come true! Remodeling existing swimming pools, spas, and backyards requires as much or more hands on experience as new construction. H2eco Inc. offers in depth knowledge of swimming pool construction including: structure, plumbing, automation, equipment, decking, coping, tile, interior pool finishes and more. We have a leading team of experts that will enhance your swimming pool to become what you have always dreamt of.

New pool deck, tile and plaster by H2eco Inc
Ready for Fill Up!


We will provide a transformative improvement package which may include:

  • Complete pool and spa makeovers
  • Paver deck and coping Installation
  • Waterline tile, step and bench tile installation
  • New skimmer and Auto waterfill installations
  • Equipment updating/replacement
  • New color changing or white LED pool lighting
  • Automated swimming pool and spa controls
  • Landscaping and landscape lighting
  • Complete design services

Basic Pool Remodeling

Interior resurfacing which gives your pool a sparkling look with a durable material of your choice including Florida Stucco Gem finishes and PebbleTec or PebbleSheen Pebble Pool Finishes. Plus, waterline tile, step and bench tile, and concrete or stone pool coping to finish it off.

Enhanced Pool Customization

If your pool currently has an older fiberglass, or failing skimmer, we can install a new one using the newest material which will stand up to the chlorinated environment. Have you ever opened your eyes under water only to feel a burning sensation? Adding a salt chlorine generator can greatly improve the feel of pool water on your skin and hair. No more burning or dryness for your skin, eyes and hair after extended dips in the pool!

We can also change out old Edison style high wattage and energy consumption pool lights for new, more modern Pentair IntelliBrite LED or Jandy WaterColors LED pool lighting. These lights are the newest technology in pool lighting and offer an equivalent of lumens that a 300 or 500 watt pool light provides at a slim fraction of that energy consumption. They canbe installed in either striclty white light, or with multi colored options that can give you many color options and even light shows! Pool lighting should relax your mind, and H2eco are experts at giving the best color changing effect that will leave you wanting more time at the poolside.

Prepping Old Coping for New Tile and Coping Installation
Prepping Pool for New Coping

For some, there is the need to control your pool from your phone, or tablet. Generally, this is an option that works well for people that are always on the go, and ant to heat up there pool before they arrive home from out of town, to have the pool comfortable enough to swim. With our automation systems that we install, you can control EVERY option your pool has to offer from anywhere in the world. Including turning off and on the pool pump, and heater, the pool lighting, water jets, sheer decent or waterfall features, checking the temperature of the pool, and even checking the power consumption over time in a convenient graph that can help you conserve HUGE amounts of energy.

Have you ever noticed that your pool is consuming a lot of chlorine or chemicals? way more than normal, or more than your previous similar sized pool? It may be a problem with pool water circulation. If your pool water is staying dormant on areas of your pool, it can not only cause efficiency problems with heating, but also it can create the need for much more chemicals than normal. This is escpecially true on older pools that only have one or 2 water return lines going from the pump to the pool. To correct this, H2eco Inc can install new return lines from your pump to your pool to create a much better flow of water to your pool and conserve ALOT of energy and greatly reduce the maintenance required to keep the chem levels optimal. This will also drastically increase the lifetime of your pool plaster. It creates a much healthier pool.

Pool Deck and Coping Completed
Pool Deck and Coping Completed

We also install dedicated vacuum lines to the pools shell with auto close lid, eliminating the need to use your suction line in your skimmer for your pools suctions side pool vacuum. This will greatly increase the longevity of your plaster, in that any organic debris that may be missed by the skimmer will be cleaned and scrubbed off using the pools own vacuum line. Even better, we can install an in-line leaf cather, to catch all larger debris to keep your pool filter nice and clean.

Does your pool water level seem to be lowering quickly, requiring you to remember to stick the hose in the pool and fill it up often? This is totally normal in a pool in South Florida during non rainy seasons that are hot, and windy. Heating the watercan also have a big impact the evaporation of pool water. To keep you from needing to run a hose to the pool all the time, we can install a built in auto waterfill on the side of the pool, next to the skimmer. This is a very discrete piece of equipment thats only visible part is the top lid, which is the same size of a skimmer. Once installed, you will NEVER need to stick a hose into your pool again.

Most projects can be completed within 1-2 weeks depending on the scope of work.

Let's get started with your swimming pool remodel project today!

Before and After
Pool Renovation Before and After



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